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Finer English

Professional English language services for all your company's needs

Seminars and Workshops

Finer English offers skills-oriented workshops and seminars, tailor-made to meet your staff's needs.

Intensive one-day and two-day training packages lead to swift improvement.

Your employees do their jobs better in English and your company does better business.

Activity-specific two-day Finer English seminars include:



Presentations, meetings and telephoning are at the heart of business life – these are the personal encounters where how we present ourselves is crucial for success. The key is effective communication – whether our goal is to inform, to sell or to persuade.

Applying his detailed knowledge of English language business situations and long experience in German-based business language training, Joe Finer has designed a range of business seminars and workshops that give you a competitive advantage in English.

Through realistic simulations of authentic business situations, these goal-oriented seminars develop communication skills in a 100% English language environment.

Participants improve their language skills while developing the vital communication tools for presentations, meetings and telephoning – essential for success in today’s international market.

Finer English seminars open doors to new levels of language competence and confidence. Through a lively range of simulations, role-plays and video sequences, participants become aware of common pitfalls in business communication. Building on this awareness, they acquire strategies for success. Key to the approach is a distinctive combination of video-based analysis and authentic role-playing simulations.

Every participant receives one-to-one feedback based on video or audio recordings of their own performances. This not only promotes accuracy and fluency but also improves delivery style. Past students of Finer English seminars report increased confidence and better performance in their English language business tasks - whether giving a presentation, making a business call or participating in a meeting or negotiation.

In each of the four seminars, participants gain a structural understanding of the essential elements of a presentation, a meeting, a negotiation or a telephone call. Video material showing both effective and ineffective performances in real business situations makes learning concrete and practical. Detailed role-playing work and video-supported feedback overcome participants' weaknesses and sharpen their powers of communication.

Further two-day seminars include:


One-day Finer English workshops include:


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