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Profile of Joe Finer

Joe FinerJoe Finer has worked professionally as an English language teacher in Germany since 1989 and as an English language consultant since 1993, equipping hundreds of business professionals with the English language skills necessary for their work.

Cambridge UniversityJoe received his Honours Degree (First Class) from King's College, Cambridge University, England in 1980. Three years later he became a professional state-qualified English teacher.

googleJoe Finer was probably the very first person to have the idea of a language audit. An internet search for “language audit” in the late 90’s came up with zero results. Today you’ll find countless Google results. The original Finer English language audit consists of a job-related language test and a detailed questionnaire to find out your strengths and weaknesses in English and also the specific work activities for which you need English. With this information we design lessons according to your individual language learning needs. Read more about the Finer English Language Audit

ClassroomJoe Finer has taught English to German Abitur candidates, economics students at Kassel University, computer specialists at the Berufsbildungszentrum, Waldau and business professionals at numerous Kassel companies. All his candidates for public exams have passed with good marks, including for the Industrie- und Handelskammer, London Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Cambridge Proficiency, British Council, German Abitur, German universities and a host of business English tests.

Before coming to Germany, Joe Finer worked as a journalist on British newspapers for three years, taught English in Madrid and Barcelona for three years and at a Cambridge language school for one year, was a state schoolteacher in London for six years and an editor and production co-ordinator for a London PR agency.

Joe still teaches today in addition to managing the day-to-day business at Finer English, training new teachers, developing new teaching materials and carrying out language audits. In his free time, Joe loves reading, writing, playing the piano and guitar, going for hikes and having a good conversation.

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