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Professional English language services for all your company's needs

The Finer English Team

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Finer English stands for quality.

That's why every teacher in our international team of native-speakers provides first class, professional language training tailored to your needs.

Some have a wealth of experience teaching business people in Germany and around the world. Others are brimming with enthusiasm in the spring of their career. All are excellent teachers.

The Finer English team also includes experienced specialists for Chinese, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

Agnes Trapp
I'm from Nordrhein-Westfalia and came to Kassel in 1991. After my teacher training, I earned a Master’s in German Literature and Education. In 2006 I wrote my Ph. D. thesis about a very interesting German-Polish female author from the Golden Twenties. I’ve taught German since 2001. It’s like travelling around the world while staying in my home country - it's always exciting. And it's also interesting to get to know so many different professions. I really appreciate the trusting and supportive atmosphere of Finer English.

Alexander van Dintel
I'm a New Englander from the little mountain state of New Hampshire. I went to university for History and Political Science and am currently working on a Master's program in Psychology. I thrive on travel and working on diverse projects, and have taught in North America, Central Asia, and North Africa. I love the variety and flexibility of Finer English, the unique lesson opportunities, and most of all, our enthusiastic students who bring their various backgrounds and interests to class. Language is for making connections. I strive to give students an enjoyable and natural way to learn, so that they're comfortable in any situation when they need real, functional English in their lives.

Amanda Kuhn
My name is Amanda Kuhn. I am originally from Detroit, Michigan. However, I've been living in different places in Europe for the last eight years. The last four years were spent here in Germany and I moved to Kassel in the summer of 2019. I have a background in teaching English as a second language and I enjoy it very much. I am really enjoying the experience of teaching with Finer English!

Claire Carter
I’m from the coastal city of Brighton in the south-east of England. I worked for one of the largest corporate companies in the UK as a business and sales trainer for over 10 years before moving to China to teach English. I joined Finer English in March 2018 and have settled into Kassel life quickly. I enjoy the variety of teaching students across different businesses with Finer English and creating bespoke lesson plans based on the students’ needs. When not working I enjoy exploring new areas and things to do in and around Kassel.

Cristina Mata
I joined the Finer English team in September 2015. Eight years ago I left my home country, Spain, where I studied to be a primary school teacher. I feel more fulfilled teaching Spanish to adults. In Madrid I completed my Master’s in Spanish as a foreign language. Since then I have being teaching the secrets of my language in Italy and Germany.

Destin Markland
I joined the Finer English team in September 2010. I'm from Montana, in the wild American West. I have a B.A. in French and Political Science, as well as a minor in Music Composition. When I discovered Finer English, I decided that Kassel is the perfect place for me to continue my English teaching career. I'm a 'people person' and that is one of the main reasons I love teaching. What other job allows you to develop relationships with so many people? I also love discussing ideas and hearing students' opinions. Teaching English is not just about grammar and vocabulary. It's also about giving students the skills and confidence they need to express themselves.

Elise Davis
I joined the Finer English language school in 2022. I was immediately drawn to its dedicated approach in meeting individual needs and providing engaging lessons. This is something I aspire to do in the classroom as it is important for me to connect with students sincerely. Since 2020, I have been working remotely from Bali, Indonesia, and have been teaching English to adult business professionals from Germany, Europe and around the world. Prior to this, I had been living and teaching English in the southern part of China as a full-time teacher from 2014. I received an MA degree in TESOL from Hawaii Pacific University in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA, in 2012. While at university, I developed a long-term love for yoga and meditation as well as any type of creative self-exploration. I am thrilled that I get the opportunity to work with German students and I look forward to learning more about the culture and language as well.

Jana Ricken
I have worked for Finer English since October 2019. I studied French, English and economics at the university of my hometown, Kassel. I spent the first years of my working life at different companies from various sectors, mainly in the purchasing and sales departments. After working some years in these companies it was my wish to focus on language because it’s my real passion. Since 2016 I have been working as a language teacher. Postgraduate studies for German as a foreign and a second language have made it possible for me to teach my mother tongue in addition to French and English.

Jane Oliveira-Holzkamp
I’m from the province of Bahia in Brazil. I studied at the Federal University of Bahia and graduated as a teacher for natural sciences. After several years of development work in South America, my family and I moved to Kassel where I’m delighted to be a member of the Finer English team as a teacher of Portuguese.

Janine Magnussen
I started working for Finer English in September 2009 and enjoy it very much. As a link between teachers and administration, I do all the preparation work for invoicing. I’m always looking forward to our meetings because it's so interesting to get to know all the teachers from foreign countries with different backgrounds and amazing stories. Since our business language is English, I enjoy the opportunity to improve my English constantly.

Joe Finer
I consider myself extremely fortunate to have such a stimulating and satisfying job. I love language and working with people. So this is the ideal job for me. It's a delight and a privilege to work with our splendid team of talented teachers, almost all of whom have travelled half-way round the world to be here in Kassel. I'm originally from Canada but spent half my life in England. But home is where the heart is and that, for me, is Kassel.

Julie Bastien
I've been a French teacher in the Finer English team since September 2010. I’m from Quebec in Canada and have lived in Germany since November 2004. I worked as an interior designer in Canada for over 10 years and parallel to that took courses in psychology and administration. On my arrival in Germany, I made use of the opportunity I was offered and fulfilled one of my dreams: to teach French. At Finer English I really appreciate the professionalism and the support they offer. It’s great to share ideas with other colleagues and to learn from their experiences. I really enjoy teaching French: it’s great to give others an understanding of my native language and culture.

Lacey Giles
I'm from the Lone Star State, otherwise known as the Great State of Texas in the United States. (Howdy y'all!) I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Education and have been working with students in a variety of ways over the last ten years. I moved to Germany in 2013 to start my teaching career and was immediately charmed by Bavarian culture and traditions. As a teacher for Finer English, I'm excited to explore Kassel and the surrounding region. Finer English takes great care in supporting their teachers and I am happy to teach English for a company that puts so much focus on meeting each student's needs.

Maxwell Hutcheon
Born in London, I studied German, French and Spanish at school. Armed with a politics degree from Edinburgh University, a Chartered Accountancy qualification and a diploma in acting from the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, I moved abroad to work in finance and the theatre. I have lived and taught extensively in America and Europe including prolonged spells in Barcelona, Berlin, New York as well as London. Having recently arrived in Kassel and qualified as an English language teacher, I have joined Finer English, where I aim to infect students with my love of the English language and its idiosyncrasies.

Micha Challal
I’ve been working for Finer English since the spring of 2001 and enjoy it very much. I do all the invoicing and other necessary office work. I take care of the teachers' needs when they first come to Kassel, helping them find accommodation and showing them around the city. I support them in all bureaucratic questions like getting registered with the government authorities or opening a bank account. It’s a pleasure and a real enrichment to get to know people from all over the world. I’m German and have always spoken English quite well. Finer English gives me the opportunity to improve my English constantly as it’s our business language.

Milagros Hernández
I studied German language and literature in my hometown, Havana, Cuba. Through a variety of activities I developed a deep knowledge of the German and Spanish languages and their mediation. In Kassel, where I’ve lived with my husband since 2006, I extended my training by way of a master’s degree in German as a foreign language. Languages have occupied me for more than half my life. I love to learn them and to teach them. At Finer English, the diversity of the teachers’ various cultures is a genuine richness.

Nicholas McCullough
I am from the Golden State, also known as California, located in the United States. I began my studies at Modesto Junior College, receiving my Associate in Arts degree in the field of education, and currently continue my educational journey at Stanislaus State University. Teaching English has always been a dream of mine, as has traveling, which is what has brought me to Finer English. As a teacher at Finer English, I feel the uttermost support from a team willing to help whenever needed. I can truly say I love being part of the Finer English team and look forward to continuing my work here, helping my students not only expand their knowledge of the English language but hopefully grow to love the language as much as I do.

Norman Warrilow
Winston Churchill once called it “the workshop of the world”, we called it “the black country” due to heavy industrialisation and most people today call it Birmingham or the West Midlands - that is where I was born. The journey from there to Kassel has taken in London, Australia and quite a few countries in between. I’ve taught English in most of them and played tennis in all of them. I’m grateful for the opportunity to pass on some of those skills to new students of English in Kassel now that my partner and baby and I have settled here. When not teaching I hope to find time to rejuvenate the backhand.

Ray Gard
I joined the Finer English team in August 2014 and travel across the border into Hessen to work with a wide and fascinating range of people as they grapple with the English language. I live in Lower Saxony and enjoy being back in a large town like Kassel. I was born and brought up in Liverpool which explains my inherent abilities in football. I have lived in Germany since 2002 and spent much of that time teaching English in different settings. Prior to that, I spent my time in the UK in places as disparate as Kent and Cardiff and a number of places in between.

Ryan Silva
My name is Ryan Silva. I am from Northern California. I have been teaching English for the past five years in Mexico City, Northern California and now here in Kassel, Germany! Teaching English is my passion and I enjoy helping people expand their language learning to use English in their work and life. One goal of mine is to impart my love of language and culture to all of my students. I graduated with two Bachelor's degrees in 2015, studying Psychology and Anthropology. Then in 2019, I graduated with my Master's in English with a concentration in TESOL from California State University, Stanislaus. Teaching with Finer English has been a great experience. My students are excited to learn and the Finer English team is very supportive.

Ronny Flannery
I’m based in Lewiston, Maine, and I support the Finer English team remotely from here in America. I've lived in Kassel, France, Hawaii and California. My passions include poetry, gardening, animals and human rights. I’m also a big sports fan! I have been trained as a teacher and hold degrees in English and Political Economy. For me, teaching English is about connecting with other people and sharing stories. Nothing makes me happier than finding the right words to communicate and exchange the ideas in our heads.

Stacy Macaulay
I grew up on a farm in the prairies of Western Canada, which was a unique experience to say the least. During my later studies on Canada’s beautiful East Coast, I pursued my love of communication and earned a degree in Modern Languages at Mount Allison University. In 2003, I had the pleasure of joining the Finer English team and very much identified with their dynamic, hands-on approach to teaching. Later, in 2005, I moved to Northern Germany where I focussed more on translation. I am therefore absolutely delighted to once again offer online lessons as part of the Finer English team. During my lessons, I love to explore the many fine points of language with my students such as idiomatic slang, specialised terminology, grammar and etymology. As mentioned, I have also worked as a translator for German and French into English in a variety of fields since 2003, which is a great asset in the classroom.

Tetsu Kido
I’m a freelance journalist and Japanese teacher. I’ve been teaching Japanese in Kassel for the past 25 years and began teaching for Finer English in July 2015. Finer English is like a breath of fresh air. That’s what I’d like my students to say about me.

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