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Finer English

Professional English language services for all your company's needs

Company Training

Your Employees Are Your Most Valuable Resource

And they become even more valuable through the development of all their skills. In the international business world, effective communication in English is a must. That's why it makes sense to assess and optimise your staff's English language skills.

How can you achieve this and ensure the best return on your investment? Through the Finer English Audit, the efficient way to determine the precise business English your employees need to learn for their specific tasks at work.

The Finer English Audit is the result of years of professional experience teaching Kassel business people. Based on sound principles of human resources management, the Finer English Audit combines employees' needs with your company goals to create a strategy for cost-effective English language improvement. This strategy is implemented through professional advice, quality language classes and relevant materials to meet your staff's language needs.

Language Training For Your Company

The Finer English language school offers top quality, professional language teaching by experienced, qualified native-speakers. Teaching is always student-centred, concentrating on the language skills your staff need most to do their work effectively in English. There are no course books. Instead, all lessons and teaching materials are especially designed to meet each student's needs.

Your Company’s Future

Finer English

is a springboard to better performance and greater employee satisfaction

improves employees' skills and increases the value of their products and services

is an investment in the future of your company

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