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Finer English

Professional English language services for all your company's needs

Language Services

"Whatever your company’s language needs, Finer English has the right solution for you."

Languages for Global Business

In addition to English training, Finer English offers professional language training in all other languages including: Chinese, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

While most international business is conducted in English, there are some situations in which it is necessary or preferable to speak your business partner's language - literally.

It pays to be able to greet your business partners or even to conduct negotiations with them in their native tongue. Whether you're preparing for a trip to North Africa or South America, to Russia or Spain or France, Finer English can provide you with the language skills you need to do a proper job.

Seminars and Workshops

Finer English offers a full range of skills-oriented workshops and seminars, tailor-made to meet your staff's needs. Intensive one-day and two-day training packages lead to swift improvement. Your employees learn to do their jobs better in English and your company does better business. Read more about Finer English seminars and workshops

Translation and Interpreting Services

We provide top-quality translation and interpreting services from German to English or from English to German. Whether it’s a presentation, new material for your website, a contract or an important e-mail, you can rely on our speedy, accurate translations.


Are you preparing a presentation or writing a particularly tricky letter? We can support you with one-to-one consultations to make sure you get it just right. And when it comes to creating English versions of your company literature or your website, we can give you the right guidance to ensure you make a good impression. We’ll check your brochures and standard letters as well as your website content and any key documents.

Trust and Confidence

Finer English has confidentiality agreements with all our clients. We guarantee you a discreet service and will never reveal your company information to someone else. You have our word. The Finer English language school – delivering top language services to Kassel businesses for more than 20 years.

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