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Finer English

Professional English language services for all your company's needs

Welcome to Finer English

What You Need is What You Get

At Finer English we teach you the specific language skills you need to do your work in English.

Your Language Learning Needs

Every person is unique. And what each person needs to learn to do his or her job well in English is also unique. One needs to answer the phone and write e-mails, another to give a presentation about the advantages of your latest product. That’s why we use language audits to determine not only your competence in English but also your specific work activities for which English is necessary. Read more about the Finer English language audit

Business English for Kassel Companies

Since 1998 the Finer English language school has successfully provided high-quality language training to hundreds of business professionals at companies mainly in Kassel, Germany. Read more about Finer English clients
"Our structured, student-centred approach means your language learning focuses on what is most important for you to do your job more effectively in the English language. You do your job better in English and your company does better business."

More Effective Language Learning

Language course textbooks are written for a general readership. We know you learn faster when we design lessons with teaching materials which meet your individual business needs.

Language Training

Finer English offers a full range of language services: from language lessons to intensive workshops, from translations to consultancy." Read more
"In today’s world, in every field of business English is important. Finer English is here to support your employees’ further education and give you and your business the language skills you need."

French, German, Spanish, Chinese…

Our international team of professional native-speaker teachers also includes experienced specialists for Chinese, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. Read more about the Finer English team

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