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Río Caribe

More than 500 years ago, when Columbus explored the northern coast of South America, he may well have dropped anchor in the Caribbean bay of what is today Río Caribe. These shores were inhabited by the Caribe, an indigenous tribe renowned for their intelligence and courage in battle. The tribe gave their name not only to the entire Caribbean region but also to a river. And the river gave its name to a town.


"San Miguel de Río Caribe" was founded in 1713. By the 19th century it was a bustling port and home to wealthy Corsican owners of the nearby cocoa plantations. Those days are long gone. Today, life for most of Río Caribe's population of perhaps 30,000 is a daily struggle. Colonial architecture and colourful fishing boats lining the beach lend the town its charm. But high unemployment, high inflation and a high crime rate are the hallmarks of Río Caribe at the start of the 21st century.

We were fortunate enough to discover a colonial house for rent with a view to the Caribbean. This is now the home of the Free School, known locally as Escuela Caribe.

The port of Río Caribe, home of the Free School.

Escuala Caribe

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