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A Dream Come True

When I first travelled in India as a student in 1979, I had a dream....

....that if ever I should have the means, I would establish a school where those who missed out could learn to read and write, to acquire at least a basic education.

Casa BlancaWhen I devised the Finer English Audit and started the Kassel language school Finer English in 1998, I never imagined it would grow so quickly into such a thriving business. Suddenly, for the first time in my life, my income far exceeded my needs. The question arose: what should I do with so much money?

I then remembered my 20 year-old dream and realised I now had the means to turn it into a reality, to start a free school for those who've never had the chance of an education.

And so I decided to set up the Finer English Free School Foundation e.V. - to make my dream come true.

In March 2004 we signed a contract to rent the building above, the home of the Free School.