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The Free School Philosophy

The Free School's philosophy rests on the following principles:

Literacy is essential for learning and for living, opening doors to knowledge in all fields. More than one billion adults have not yet learned to read and write - an absurd waste of human potential.

Illiteracy is limiting - a way of silencing the poor. Literacy gives voice to the needs of the poor, liberating the non-reader from a world of exclusion and creating opportunities for expression.

The existing political and economic system legitimises and perpetuates inequality and injustice, including poverty and illiteracy. Change is necessary and urgent.

Change can come by creating a better world based on concern for others, aware that their needs and wishes are not so different from our own.

The Finer English Free School philosophy is based on the belief that literacy and education provide the means for creating a better world non-violently.

The Finer English Free School does not subscribe to any religious group or political party. The Free School is open to anyone who is tolerant of the beliefs of others.